Fear by Riley B.

I should be lying on the ground
Paralyzed with fear
Scared out of my mind
Stuck frozen and dead
But I’m alive as I run faster than I ever have
From the danger
From the pain
I run not scared of the fact I might die today
It just makes me run faster
But why?
Why don’t I fall, not able to move?
I mean I might die this second
But I feel fine
I know
Fear doesn’t shut me down, it wakes me up

Parallels by Hanna L.

My awareness is at its peak.
My soul is on fire for lucidity.
I can feel your manifestation,
sweltering to me to heaps.
Nothing is a coincidence, nor a quirk.
I live for these moments, when people think
I’m impractical, but at least I have a good story
to tell. Connections fluctuating like the plates
at the core of this earth.
My being flourishes with subliminal outlooks.
Nothing will ever be the same, when parallels
change anything and everything you’ve ever

Season by Anna H.

The time of new beginning’s
Hopefully the biting cold has left me for good
So I can look forward to summer

Finally I am out of school
I can stay in my pj’s all day and stay up all night
For now my worries are behind me

Here I am at school again
And I’m in the post summer blues
But trick or treating is just around the corner

The time when bundle up
I also excited for the New Year
Then soon it’s time for spring again

Life is like a broken Winged Bird by Isabella T.

Life is like a broken winged bird.
It isn’t always flying how it should.
Or sometimes not flying at all.
Sometimes it takes life a while to take off.
Sometimes it doesn’t.
It seems that life is always like that bird,
That one bird who was hit by the transformer on the highway,
But I hope my life will never be like that.
I will be the majestic robin.
Smartly staying clear of roads.
But one day I might end up like that broken winged bird.
But that’s another story.

Why? by Dominique C.

Why do you make fun of suicide if it’s so sad?

Why do you make fun of disabled people if their conditions are so bad?

Why do you make fun of bullying if it’s not nice?

Before you open your mouth


No Regrets by Allan

The feeling
The feeling I’ve had for the longest time
It’s been sitting there
Waiting, lurking
Just making me angry
Making me doubt myself
I can’t take it any more
It’s like getting stabbed
A thousand times
And then falling into a pit of flames
I just want it gone
But I can’t
It just sits there
 I regret that
But I can’t let that stop me
Because life goes on
With me
Or without

The Other Half of My Heart by Dariana A.

At times like these, I don’t want old memories to appear in my head like a slideshow. But they do anyway and it gets infuriating.

Even though the car ride would only take at least six hours, it felt like my Mom was driving faster than the train that me and my Daddy saw when were at a car shop in Downtown.

I remember that day as if it only happened seconds ago. Mom needed to buy a new car before it’s time to give up her rental minivan.

Dad pointed to a train that zoomed like a dozen of race cars crossing the finish line. It was more or less of a dusty, old train with different colored carts, but it seemed almost like a time machine to me. It was unusual and out-of-this-world to me.

But now; everything’s going to change. Daddy and my Mom are breaking up.

I remember how nights ago, Daddy broke the news to me. His reasons seemed almost prejudiced even though they were true. There was a great ire in me. I didn’t want to talk to him. I didn’t even want to sleep next to him like we did every night.

Sometimes I wish that the right to drink alcohol was never revoked. I hated the fact that beer destroys family.

But the past is the past. God, I hate that fact! I wish that I could erase and then a write a whole, new different story.

Once upon a time, there was a princess who didn’t have a single friend. But she did have one! And that was her father, the king. They did almost everything together. So, since they loved each other so much, they spent the rest of their lives together.

That’s how I would’ve rewritten the story. But that’s just own fantasy.

But I don’t understand why my Papa would turn to drinking. I mean he was a Christian and the Bible was a deterrent for that.

Ever since then; Papa was always preoccupied with his drinking and going out with his friends.


We made it to the airport. This was about the toughest moment I’d ever go through.

Papa grabbed his luggage and we went with him inside. I tried to hold back tears but they’ve completely covered my face like a flood of water. I cried harder than the time I showered with a fever. I didn’t really appreciate that shower since the door was gauzy which meant that anyone who came in the bathroom saw you and figuring it out wasn’t very difficult.

Soon, we made it to the security check and from there; we had to say goodbye. I gave my Papa the tightest hug I’ve ever given him and cried even more.

I loved my Papa and I couldn’t imagine seeing him leave me. But I guess that’s just what beer does. Not only does it ruin you, but it ruins your family, too.

All of my memories of me and Papa hit me like a punching bag.

I remember the dark, brown, molasses-colored cake that we’ve made together. His guitar in which his music sounded like it could go heavenward because it was so soothing and loud.

Maybe Papa hasn’t left Jacksonville completely. “Why?” You may ask? Well, it’s because my Papa’s love for me is still in my memories… and Papa resides on “the other half” of my heart.