Florida Youth Writers

The Florida Writers Association is a professional trade association where authors and aspiring writers come to learn, grow, network and find the resources they need to improve their writing, and navigate the sometimes treacherous shoals of the publishing industry, and cultivate their inner muse.

Our Florida Youth Writers program is a new statewide Florida Writer’s Association initiative for members under 18, their parents and program leaders. We are determined to see young writers, regardless of their age or socio-economic condition, achieve more in school and in life through membership in Florida’s most prestigious writers association. The Florida Youth Writers program promotes a love of writing and literature and will bring creative writing workshops to children and teens at their local schools and community centers with qualified leaders who will:


-         Lead specialized writing workshops and classes

-         Cultivate their creativity

-         Develop their writing ability

-         Teach the building blocks of story telling

-         Encourage teamwork with other talented young writers

-         Provide access to writing resources and activities

-         Provide writing opportunities including contests and conferences

All children should have a better chance to learn, excel, and live out their dreams. We seek to foster their creativity and recognize their accomplishments. The youth program will provide learning tools, writing guidance, and enriching educational activities to support young authors throughout the organization. Along with FWA’s creative writing resources, our youth members will have access to FWA’s network of writers, teachers, poets, editors, publishers and agents.

Find out more at www.floridayouthwriters.org.