Just Another Laundry Day by Davie H.

You and I
We’re blowing in the wind.
But, staying in place, by pins.
The pins that represent the stories we’ve told,
That we don’t want anyone else to know.
After a while we’re washed and dried out and are worn again.
Only to become dirty with the words we’ve said.
We are the washed, again.
Or forgiven.
And hung to dry.
Our relationship is a cycle.
A cycle of pain, anger, regret, and starting over.
Sometimes we’re left in our separate drawers for weeks at a time.
Not talking.
It had to end, we know it did but it could have ended differently.
Now I’m left in fear.
Fear you’ll come back and not only me, but the ones I love.
The ones that match me so well.
Your reminder you left is still there, in the back of my mind.