Better Than Twilight by Evelyn A.

During our epic love story
Crayons were our roses
And a touch was a spread of a vile disease
We were separated by a force called popularity
You were the jock of the classroom
And I..
Was a girl behind the Harry potter books and oval glasses, but I was more than that
I remember when we met behind the monkey bars, you impressed me by the third bar
We heard the screams of your friends and they’re sweat covered 90% of they’re bodies
Ew I thought
They were playing a simple game called tag.
But the swings were more interesting to us.
Until you hopped off for Sally king
I swung by myself until the dirt filled the top half of my sketchers
I would be lying if I told you I didn’t cry
Because I did
But it was just a 45 second feeling
A beginning, an ending
Of a very sad, kindergarten relationship.