A Rough Past by Grace B.

You grew up in a black and white era,
Of shattered bottles and countless scars,
Of drunken mothers and broken hearts,
And it took a lot of faults,
A lot of strength,
To not loose the love of those who didn’t care.  

You grew up in fear and fright,
All of those lonely nights,
The world was sane.
But today,
You live up to your name.  

You’ve ripped the ropes tying you back,
And fought through the ones cutting you slack,
All because of paint chips,
And a silly mistake.  

Now, you can hardly tell that you spent half of your life,
Staring at the clock.  

Your life has taken a voyage, 
And your boat,
Has kept afloat,
Over the sea of alcohol and lead,
Just look where you are now,
The past is in the past,
So make your happy moments last.