Untitled by Jenna S.

To stop and think about it, the world is so mesmerizing. We are this circular ball floating in blackness, made of water and land and other elements, but most of all stardust. Humans are just stuck here by some sort of larger being (different beliefs here, but that’s another story.) The world adapts as it pins; habits and routines and routines and “ways of the world.” What’s oh so fascinating to me is that I am one of billions of humans, on one spinning ball, that’s one speck of the solar system, that’s one grain of the galaxy, that’s less than one dot on the page of our universe. It’s crazy to think about the way we naturally go about life. We greet one another by waving our hands, and comfort by simply wrapping our arms around someone. We produce sounds from our chests, a honey-sweet noise that captivates humanity. We all go about our business, but at the same time a bond of unity keeps us together. This world is very peculiar, but your very existence, and the fact that you managed to land here is special. Your opinions may be different, and you may at times make mistakes, but if you think about it, your teeny-tiny speck of existence can control the destiny of you and the ones around you. If that’s not something to live for then I don’t know what is.