Why I Write by Cassidy W.

They say I’m quiet
I reply, “You can’t plan a murder out loud”
They laugh and leave me alone
But the truth is, I’m afraid,
Afraid they won’t like me, for me
So I stay quiet,
But I go crazy
Holding in my words
I have to get them out,
That’s why I write
My pencil, is my second mouth that isn’t shy
But the truth is,
I want to be the girl,
The girl who isn’t afraid to speak her mind
The girl who is funny
The girl who is confident
The girl who isn’t everyone’s second choice
The girl who isn’t constantly afraid of rejection
The girl who isn’t constantly being left out
The girl who people actually want to hang out with
The girl who isn’t always being ditched
The girl who isn’t constantly being used
But honestly I don’t think I’ll ever be any of that
So I stay quiet
That’s why I write
Even when I try,
My voice isn’t heard
So what the use in trying?
They don’t hear me,
They don’t care
But all my feelings and emotions are so packed
I don’t know where they begin
Where they start
Or where they end
But I’m trying so, very hard,
But I will always be the girl,
The girl who is quiet
The girl that is ditched
The girl who is abandoned
The girl who is always a second choice
The girl that isn’t confident
The girl that keeps her head down,
The girl who isn’t heard,
And I will always be the girl who is afraid of rejection
That, is why I write